Wednesday, 11 March 2009

School Days or School Daze?

This is a picture of our kids at Sunday School.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it seems everyone you see wants money? Well, this is one of those weeks. With 3 kids in school, that sometimes translates into 3 times the fundraising. We live in a small village and our local school is very small, and so is it's budget. Just as everyone else at the moment, our little school is in a fight to continue it's high standard of teaching. So, that means that the school is having to find ways to keep it's head above water. This week, we have had no fewer than 4 different ways to try to raise funds for our school and a charity that they help with. With no family near-by, it is always a challenge! We usually put money in just so our kids have at least a couple of pounds to put in. Sometimes, it is just a bit much. I am very grateful for all that this little school has done to help Iestyn. As I was speaking to a lady in town today, she asked how Iestyn is doing in school. I had spoken to her a couple of months ago about Iestyn's learning difficulties, and I was happy to tell her that he is doing excellent with all the extra help he receives at the school. We pray that we will be able to have as much impact in this little village as they are having in our little boy's learning!

Today was also my second time cooking for the Luncheon Club here in Rhayader. I must say that I am finding it very enjoyable! There are still a few things that need to be tweeked-mostly in my recipe. Changing a recipe for 5 into a recipe for 50 is not as easy as multiplying it by 10! Sometimes, that just doesn't do the trick! Hopefully, I will only need one more go at it before I figure all this out! How nice it has been to get out and have a full conversation with someone who is not 5 years old! You moms out there will know exactly what I mean! I look forward to many more attempts at perfecting my recipe. Hopefully it won't take that many more tries!
Both times I have cooked, I have been asked why we are here, so it has definitely been a way to introduce people to why we are here. This is proving to be a great adventure! Until next time!

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