Monday, 27 April 2009

The Baby Robins Are Here!

Look what we have! Three baby robins! These 3 (I think) hatched sometime Saturday or Sunday. We will try to keep an eye out for them, but are trying to be extra careful because we don't want to scare the mom away. We will try to have a peek when she is out getting a bite to eat : ).We are hoping that she hasn't built the nest to close to the ground... we have a neighbor with cats : (. She has chosen to build her nest in a short hedge VERY close to the house. I'm surprised the boys haven't scared her off already. We look forward to seeing these little ones fly around the garden! I will keep you posted. I have never had such a close view of baby birds! If you double click on the picture above, it should show you a large copy of the picture! Hope you enjoy these little babies as much as we do!

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Sandlappersue said...

What a wonderful springtime learning experience!
We are enjoying our spring, although it seems summer has almost hit. You know how SC is!

Oh about the piddling... that is hilarious! I was going to change my post but thought, "naaahhhhh, I'll just keep any Wales people wondering." Heee-heee,what a sight that would be! Our piddling term means more like just casually, thereutically working.

I really enjoyed the laugh!

Praying for a great week for you all,