Thursday, 16 April 2009

Easter Time

April, I must say, is proving to be an extra busy month! I can't believe it has been 15 days since Iestyn's birthday. Here is a run-down of the last 2 weeks. The children have been out of school since April 2nd. As you can imagine, that in itself is enough to keep the normal family inundated with things to do. Our car had been playing up for a couple of weeks, so that was the first thing on our agenda. After trying several times to pin down the cause of the trouble, we found a local Renault dealer who was able to diagnose it as a problem with the flywheel. After 2 hours in the shop, it was fixed! And, for way less than we were expecting!

Along with the normal schedule, I had a special trip planned for Breanna and myself for our first annual mother-daughter trip. Ronnie and I had been discussing it for a couple of weeks when we ran across a newly built hotel in a town nearby. We popped in for a look around and got some information about it. After a couple weeks discussion, we were able to book a 2 night stay for a lot less than the normal cost. A normal nights cost is £54.00. We were able to get it for £39.00 for 2 nights! A huge saving of £69.00, which is $105.00! To those of you who are keen bargain hunters, we got a great deal! We were able to see friends, do some shopping and have some mother-daughter time. The Lord also provided an extra special treat! We were able to have a complimentary beauty treatment! As I have been having some pain in my back lately, it was perfect timing! The Lord always knows what we need! A HUGE Thank You to Stephanie of Serenity Beauty Room!

On Easter Sunday, we were at Bethel Baptist Church for the day. Our Sunday School children have been learning Bible verses, so we used this day to show the church how well the children are doing. We stood them in front of the church and had them recite 5 of the 10 verses we have been teaching them. They received medals to show them how proud we are of their progress. We pray that the church will see the need to reach a younger generation.

On Easter Monday, we piled into the car for a 3 hour drive to Bury, England for special Easter services. Bible Baptist Church holds this meeting every year, but we have been unable to attend for the last 3 years. It is always great to spend time with friends from all over the UK. Both missionaries and church members alike!

This week has been a rather busy week with speech therapy, dental, and eye appointments galore! Thankfully, the speech therapist thinks that Ian's speech issues are minor and may be caused by the accent divide! As he becomes more involved with school, he should catch the British accent bug! We are looking forward to the children going back to school so that things calm down a bit! The Tylenol bottle will be empty soon!

Please continue to pray that God will continue to work here in Rhayader! We look forward to the day when we can look out over a crowd of people in Bethel Baptist Church!

In closing, could you help us pray for a special request? Ronnie's cousin Leo is a missionary to Canada. Just recently we learned that they are expecting a new baby. At a recent ultrasound, something caught the doctors attention. Could you help us pray that God will work in this situation for His glory?

To family and friends alike, please know that we love you and think of you often! To the McPeters Family, HURRY UP AND GET OVER HERE! We can't wait to meet you! We need more missionaries in Wales!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture! We were praying for your services -- glad to see it was great. Happy Birthday Iestyn! (Hmmm....a little belated - sorry!)