Friday, 14 January 2011

My Christmas Present

For MANY months now, I have been searching for a new sofa. Since moving back to Wales, we have been sitting on a 2 seat sofa and a chair. That was fine for a while, but we are all getting bigger. : ) Last month, we went looking for a sofa at a furniture store. We found one that we liked the look of, but not the price. I remembered a sofa I had seen in a catalogue, and wondered if it was still available. It was kind of a shot in the dark, because I couldn't sit on it before I bought it, but it looked lovely in the book. So, after lots of looking and praying, I was able to purchase the sofa at a clearance price. So, I booked my delivery slot...and the snow began. I was rather worried...for both my sofa and the delivery drivers safety. He was to pick up the sofa at noon, and then deliver it to ours at 3:30. BUT, due to the snow, he finally arrived at 9:30pm. So, we unwrapped the new sofa...and went to bed. I am so glad it is finally here, because we can all sit on our new sofa TOGETHER!

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