Friday, 14 January 2011

Snow Nov-Dec 2010

As you can see, we have been tolerating...I mean enjoying...some very wintery weather here in Wales. For most of November and December, we have been surrounded by lots of snow. I have never seen this much snow in my life. It has made things more challenging. The kids have missed SO much school, but have enjoyed the time off a little more than they should. : ) Since we live in a small village in the heart of Wales, we can find ourselves cut off in this kind of weather. Breanna spent lots of time sledging in the snow (aka. sledding to those of you in the USA). Iestyn spent most of his time snuggled up inside the house...he is an inside person. Ian enjoyed a little of both. Most of our planned Christmas activities had to be post-poned until after the New Year. Thankfully, the snow has been replaced by rain, and most of the snow is gone.

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