Friday, 14 November 2008

A Busy Week

Hello from Wales again!  We have been extremely busy this last week.  Since I posted last, we have had much to do.  Ian has had his first visit to the primary school here in town.  He was able to spend 3 hours with the Welsh speaking class, and next week, he will be spending the day with the English speaking class.  Iestyn took part in a special assembly with the other children in his class.  It was to celebrate Remembrance Day (which is like Veterans Day).  It is great to see him progressing so well.  Breanna has bought a pet hamster with money she made from selling some old toys.  Today is Children In Need Day, and the children have all dressed up for a parade around town.  Breanna went as a cowgirl and Iestyn dressed up as Spiderman.  The kids are all doing well here in Rhayader.  We were able to spend Tuesday with a large group of American and British preacher friends.  It was great to catch up with friends from all over the UK.  We are all looking forward to our Thanksgiving Lunch which will be held in England.  How fun it will be to spend the day with others who also have family far away.  We love you all.  Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

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