Monday, 5 January 2009

Back to school today!

Well, it is all systems go as the children are on their way to school.  We got up, got dressed, ate our breakfast, took our first day of school photo and now we are on our way to the first day of school.  Ian will only be staying until just before lunch time for his first 2 weeks, and then he will be a full-time student just like all the other kids.  I pray that he has a good day and doesn't cause any problems to his new teacher!  There was a light dusting of snow last night.  Everything looks so pretty!  The kids spotted some bird tracks around the frond garden this morning.

On another note, our Breanna turned 10 on Friday.  She had a great group of 10 girls over for a birthday party with 3 of the girls staying the night.  Ronnie and I were very impressed with the girls behavior. They are not your typical bunch of British 10 year olds.  It seems that the "farming" community that we live in turns out very polite kids.  I often tell my kids that it is nice having their friends over because they always eat what I cook with NO whining!!!  How nice it is to hear someone say that they love your cooking :  )!   We had a great time playing games and having a nice lunch of TACOS!  It was really a very nice time!

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