Thursday, 15 January 2009

What have I done??

Well, it looks as if this stay at home mum has her work cut out for her!  Just before Christmas, I volunteered to help at our local luncheon club.  This is a group of people who prepare lunch for elderly folks who have been referred as needing some friendly contact outside of their house.  I thought that they would introduce me slowly to the process, but was I ever wrong!  Two days ago, the organizer phoned to say that she has me signed up to plan, purchase and prepare lunch for 60 hungry pensioners in 3 weeks time!  I have a lot of homework to do.  I will be on a strict budget which will work out to £1.00 per person.  I will have to make a 2 course meal.  I thought they would start me off as a helper, but they needed a cook more.  I will be on a 5 weekly rota, so hopefully it will turn out to be a good experience for me. 
 I need to find something that can be partially prepared ahead of time and finished off at the hall.  I need to find a dessert that can be served with pouring cream, custard or chocolate sauce as they like things with a nice topping.  My thoughts are leaning to chicken pot pie with veggies on the side and devils food cake with chocolate sauce.  The other cooks do roasted dinners, so they think it would be nice for me to try the chicken pie, but I also have to consider the budget.  If you think you could help, PLEASE email me.  I am NOT opposed to taking advice.  I am excited, but I have a lot of planning to do.  

Also, if you have facebook, you can look me up under Tennille Downey.  Just ask me to be your friend and let me know who you are : ).  LOL, Tennille


Angie said...


Hello. Very excited to get to keep up with you all this way. I love to read blogs!! Good luck with the meal. I'll see if I can come up w/some things for you. :0)

Have you been to you can go to the bulletin board and put in anything in the search and pull up all kinds of recipes. I was just ask to be a field editor on their site. I can't wait to get started w/that! It's exciting for me!

Well, we have to run out right now to school. We'll be late if we don't get going. Can't have that!


Holly Beth said...

Hey girl I found you on here and on facebook !! I am so glad to keep up with you I lost your # so I have not been able to call if you still have mine you should call me and I will put you back in my phone !! love yall

Dr Dave Noffsinger said...

Hi Guys
How are you doing I was glad to see you on my blog I will look forward to reading yours
Bro Dave

Aunt E said...

Cooking for 60!!! That is some feat! What is this cream sauce?
Good luck! Will be waiting to see how it goes.

Aunt E said...

Cooking for 60! What a feat!!! I will be waiting to see how it goes.
What is this cream sauce?