Saturday, 4 April 2009

April is here!

April marks another Downey birthday! On Wednesday, Iestyn turned 7! As it was a school night, we had his party scheduled for Friday lunch time. The last day of school before Easter break was Thursday. Iestyn's friends came over at 12:00 on Friday for hot dogs and crisps (chips to those in the USA) and cake and ice cream. It was a small party as it is lambing season here, so many of the families are with their sheep. The boys had a good time playing together. It is great seeing the change in Iestyn since he started school last year. To go from being in a bubble by himself to having friends all around him is great! I must say, making an omnitrix cake was not easy! It took me forever to figure out the shapes! The only problem was that I couldn't get any black icing : ). The boys didn't seem to mind and the cake was delicious! We hope that having these boys over will open more doors for us.

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Mrs. Downey

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Happy Birthday Iestyn from the Watson's!