Friday, 5 June 2009

After a few weeks of waiting and wondering, the chicken pox has landed! As of today, Ian has the chicken pox. Now, we wait to see how long it will be before Iestyn gets it. They are not too bad so far, so we will just have to see how bad they get before it is over.

I have been out and about taking some pictures lately. Our house looks out over a field that is full of horses and sheep. So, I have been taking advantage of all the wild-life.

Wednesday was Luncheon Club. I always enjoy my time with all the pensioners. Each time I cook, it seems to get easier. I perfect the recipe and shorten the time it takes to get everything ready. I am really thankful for the chance to cook for other peoples grandparents-it feels as if I am cooking for my own. It is taking quite a while to learn everyone's names! I look forward to finding other ways to serve the people here in Rhayader.

This week was my birthday! Ronnie organized a babysitter to get the kids from school so he could take me out for lunch. We drove to Chester to go to Toby's Carvery for lunch and then did some shopping. We actually got to get some Krispy Kreme donuts!!! : ) : ) When we got home, the kids jumped out and screamed Happy Birthday! It was really sweet. Ronnie has managed to surprise me 2 years in a row! Next year I will not be so gullible! : ) Thank you to Sabina and the kids for a lovely surprise!

Some of you know that we fostered a baby hedgehog last year. We released her back into the wild, and prayed that she would survive the winter. Well, this week, we found out! At about
11 pm, she waddled over to where our neighbors have been placing food out for her. We had spotted some signs that she has been around, but seeing her was so nice. Above is a picture of what she looked like last year and last week.

I just wish I could figure out how to move these pictures around so that I could put their description under their picture! It will only let me put them this way, and I can't put them in any sort of order. Another lesson for another day!

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