Thursday, 2 July 2009

Summer Has Arrived in Wales

It looks as if summer has finally arrived in Wales! The last couple of weeks have been super-busy with all the end of school stuff.

Last week, we did a Family First Aid course with our kids. It was fun watching the boys try to give CPR to a dummy 3 times their size. We all learned a lot of stuff--don't know how much the boys will actually remember.

School Sports Day was last Thursday. The children enjoyed a full day of games and races with all their school friends. I went along as a parent helper and had a great time with all the other parents. I am thankful it was a mild weather day, because my skin doesn't like the hot sun. Last Friday was also the school fair, which made for a very busy school week. Saturday was the 3 mile Fun Run through the Elan Valley. Breanna ran the race and was the 4th girl to cross the finish line. We were very proud of her. This Wednesday was the schools Achievement Assembly. It is a time when the school allows the children to show their friends the awards they have received. Ian received his first achievement certificate from school. As he has only been in school since January, it was a great achievement. All three of the children got to show off their certificates for their first aid course and Breanna got to show her friends her award for the fun run. It is great to see the children doing so well in all they are doing!

Saturday, our family went down to the local boot sale to try and sell some stuff--a spring clean of the garage. We had a lovely day and made a good amount of money. I used some of the money I got to buy a carpet cleaner. The house we rent has a light colored carpet, so it is starting to look dirty, and I just couldn't stand it any more. So, if this week EVER slows down, I will shampoo the carpets.

We had a lovely day on Sunday. Our Sunday School kids were super-attentive! We had so much fun teaching the kids some basic facts about the Bible. Last week we spoke to the mother of one of our SS kids. She said her son has started talking about what he is learning, and she is unable to answer any of his questions because she herself has never been to church. So, we will be teaching on some basic facts and stories with some take-home sheets so that his mother can learn some things too. This is an exciting time for us as we are starting to see interest in what we are doing. Also this week, we were able to speak to a young mum in town. She was a bit hesitant at the time, so we sent her away with a John & Romans. We are praying that His Word will not return void. Her name is Catherine.

We are looking forward to Saturday as we will be driving up to North Wales to spend the day with some American friends for the 4th July. We are praying for a nice weather day so that we can have a great day out with friends. Keep watching, I hope to be able to post some pics next week!

Please continue to pray for us here. The more people show interest in our ministry here, the more the devil shows his face. We are excited about what the future holds for Rhayader.

Summer camp is just around the corner! We are busy helping with all the prep work. I am learning SOOOO much. I am thankful to the group who are finding ways for me to help, even though the boys and I won't actually be able to go to camp. Next year, we should all be able to go as a family! The boys and I are looking forward to a great week with 2 little boys who's parents are also working at the camp. So, it will be 4 boys to 1 "me" that week. I look forward to seeing if we survive the week.

All our love, until next post,

Tennille : )

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