Friday, 17 July 2009

The Future Looks Bright

It has been 2 weeks since I last posted, so I thought it was time I let you know what we've been doing. A couple of weeks ago, Ronnie found a building in the local industrial estate. After some inquiries, the owner told us that the rent would be £600 per month. At today's exchange rate, that comes to $980. After a few days, the man called back and told us that he was prepared to rent it to us for £400 per month($650 ). It would be a good place to start our new ministry in properly. We have been using the local Baptist Church, but in order to move forward, we will have to find our own place. After finding this place, Ronnie and I talked and we had a figure in our minds of what we thought we could financially do. Mr. Lloyd's second offer was exactly the amount we had talked about. We will be going through all the ins and outs of researching this possible path. We need to find out if there are any safety requirements or other things that we don't know about.

At the same time as this, we are also looking at the possibility of having to move house as well. The owner of the house we rent has it up for sale. We are not sure if/when this will happen. It could be in a month, but it could take a year. A friend has offered us a house to rent with an unlimited stay. It is still in town and it is bigger than the house we are currently in. The owner needs to replace some windows and a leaky shower, so it would be a couple of months before it is ready. We need to make a decision about this house as well. We are scheduled to have a talk with our current landlord this weekend.

Even with all this going on, we are excited about the future of our ministry here in Rhayader. We will be looking into several different ways to minister in this town. We would, of course, be moving our Sunday School to this new building, barring any unforeseen issues. The possibilities are many. The building is approximately 54 feet by 54 feet. As well as the warehouse space, it has restroom facilities, a store room and an office space. There is plenty of room for growth.

The kids have been busy with end of school year stuff. They are excited about the summer break. Now all we need is to get some pretty weather. We have been very unfortunate with our weather so far. Youth Camp is less than 2 weeks away. Ronnie is busy preparing for his sessions. He will be the main speaker for the junior campers. This years theme is about Paul and the underground church. We are already praying for the kids that will attend camp. While Ronnie and Breanna are at camp, I will be at home with our boys and 2 of our friend's boys. They will also be working at the camp. So, it will be an interesting time! I haven't ever tried to keep 4 boys at one time (for 5 days). The boys and I are looking forward to having company.

I have finished Luncheon Club for the summer. I will not be cooking again until the end of September. In preparation of a possible move, I have been doing some boot sales (flea market) to try to clear some unneeded clutter. I hope to have quite a lot of stuff cleared if we have to move.

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