Thursday, 13 August 2009

I wish my mountain was a molehill!

Do you ever fell like you are drowning under a mountain of housework? As we are moving soon, I feel it is time to have a big clutter clear out. I think I am going to start by going one room at a time. Due to the relaxed nature of our new landlord, we will be able to move one room at a time as well. So, on my plans for today is at least one room in our house. I haven't decided which one yet. I suppose the living room would be the easiest, but no matter what I chose, I will still be surrounded by kids. School doesn't start here until 2nd September. Along with the move, both Breanna and Iestyn will be starting school with new teachers this year. I am praying that Iestyn's new teacher will understand his learning difficulties. Sometimes change can be hard for him. I must say that in the last 18 months here in Rhayader he has improved hugely!

The new house is getting on well. The workers have finished laying the new patio as well as putting in new windows. There still seems to be a bit of rubble out front, so they mustn't be finished completely yet. We will be able to start helping with the paint work soon. The kids have been busy choosing the colors for their new rooms. We need to go uptown today to talk to a friend about making us a bed frame that will fit in our room. It looks as if it will be a bit of a challenge as the room has a funny layout. I am hoping that having a custom fitted mattress won't cost the earth. We may end up sleeping on a blow up mattress for a few weeks while we work out the sizes. We have done it many times before so it shouldn't be foreign to us. : )
When the work is finished we will post some "before and after" photos for you. We will be completely moved before 18th September.

On a super note--we received Breanna's passport yesterday--after only 7 days!

Now, off to work!

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