Saturday, 8 August 2009

Big Ben from the top of the London Eye! Passport renewal trip for Ronnie and Breanna.
Youth Camp Pics

The 4 boys who I spent the week with! Austin, Iestyn, Alex and Ian.

Well, as you can see there have been 101 things going on the last few weeks. Where do I start? Well, I was able to do 2 yard sales in July. We were able to get rid of a lot of extra stuff in the garage. One more sale to do this month and we should be finished tidying up. School has let out for summer holidays. Six weeks of no school makes for a very busy mum. I know it may sound a little silly, but Ronnie and I were thrilled to receive an invitation to our first garden party. About 30 families were invited to the party. We played ping pong and badminton, the kids jumped on the trampoline and went on the slip and slide and we had a lovely bbq. Our thanks to the Walton's for a lovely evening for both the parents and the kids.

Camp went well. The new venue was great with lots of places to play-rain or shine. There were 15 campers saved during the week. Everyone had a good time with just a few minor hick-ups. The weather was a little worse than we had hoped for, but it went well anyway. The boys and I enjoyed our time together with Alex and Austin. We managed to keep busy and stay away from any major disagreements about toys. We had a great time!

This month has also brought some changes for the Downey family. Due to some recent issues surrounding our current house, we will be moving to a new house in September. The children are starting to get excited about the move. They will be able to choose the colors of their rooms. The new house is only 1 mile away and with the help of our friends here, we should be moved fairly easy. We are thankful that the Lord knew our path, even though we didn't! The building that we are looking into is only around the corner from the new house. The next few weeks will be busy, but full of God's plans for us.

Last week, Ronnie and Breanna had to travel to London to renew Breanna's passport. The embassy sorted the passport quickly, and they were able to do some sight-seeing. They had a lovely day walking through London. They were able to go on the London Eye and see allot of London from the top! Ian will be the next one due for a new passport, so Ronnie will have to take another trip to London.

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