Tuesday, 9 March 2010

January-March Prayer Letter

Greetings in Jesus’ lovely name... I trust you are well and enjoying the blessings of the Lord; and seeing fruit for your labors during the beginning months of this new year.

In January, we were hit with severe winter weather and had to cancel several of the services at the chapel. As you can imagine, the weather can prevent even the most faithful members from being in their seats. We are thankful that spring will soon be here.

In February, we were able to sign the lease for renting a building in Rhayader. We have had a lot of work to do to get ready to open the building to the public. The UK Government requires that people working or volunteering for public activities abide by several different laws such as Health & Safety, Child Protection, and a few more. Tennille and I have been attending classes and taking courses that will enable us to engage ourselves in the lives of the people in our community.

We plan to open the new building and ministry for the youth and adults of Rhayader before the end of March. We are waiting for our insurance company to provide us with a suitable policy. In the mean time, we are inviting people to the church services and letting them know that we will be opening the building soon. The people in the community have been very generous in giving either donations or providing children’s items such as books, puzzles and games and even a small refrigerator. We have also been able to purchase chairs and tables for our meetings, and other office supplies to meet the needs of this new ministry. There have been many people in the last few months that have given to our ministry for the purpose of opening the new building and we want to thank them for their monetary gifts and notes of encouragement.

Prayer request: Please pray for Rob and Thomas & Faye for salvation. We have been witnessing to these people for some time now, and it would be a blessing to win these people to the Lord.

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