Sunday, 9 May 2010

Catch Up 2!!!

Youth Building

Our Sunday School is Growing!

Iestyn's 8th Birthday Party

Spring Party at the Youth Building

Our 3 Kids

Picture from Ladies Retreat

As you can see, it has definitely been a busy couple of months for the Downey Family. I really do intend to be better at keeping our blog, but some weeks are just busier than others. So, it is again time to catch up. Since my last post, we have been in a constant state of busy. We are still in the midst of summer camp preparations as well as trying to get the youth building up and running. Our first event at the youth building was Iestyn's 8th birthday party. On 10th April, we hosted a Spring Party for the kids in our community. On 11th April we started Sunday School in the new building. Each week since then, we have averaged 2 new kids a week.
We become increasingly excited about the growth we are seeing.

We have also had the opportunity to attend a few special meetings in the last couple of months. It is great to fellowship with both old and new friends.

Our family also went away for a couple of days to the White House (Cannock Chase, not D.C.). We managed to sneak in a family day at the Birmingham Aquarium while on a "working" holiday. We must plan a proper holiday sometime.

The Lord is still opening up new ways to minister here in Rhayader. We are thankful for each chance we have.

Tonight we are scheduled to have a Sankey Singing at Bethania at 7:30. We are expecting a large crowd and we are delighted that the Lord has given us a car park! Just after we took the church, we mentioned in passing that we would love to see the derelict building next to the church knocked down and replaced with a car park. We never mentioned it again, because we thought it was too soon to start changing things. Well, a few weeks ago we arrived at the church and saw a pile of rubble where the building once stood. Over the last few weeks, the rubble has been disappearing and in its place is a lovely car park. We never made inquiries into having it done, so it was definitely God's plan. We are thankful for the Lord's hand in all of this. I will post some pictures as soon as I can. Last years Sankey night was standing room only while the cars were parked on the main road. We are expecting the same crowd tonight, but they won't have to park on the main road. : )

We are excited about our future here in Rhayader!

I was able to attend Ladies Retreat this week in Conwy. It is amazing what great things God can do when we answer yes to God. Excited about saying yes to God this year! I can not tell you how special these ladies are to me. I am so blessed! : ) : )

Today is also Mother's Day in the USA, so I must say a very special Thank You to all the MUMS in my life. To my mum and my Grandmas and even my great grandmas...I love you and thank God for you. Wish we could spend today around the same table...just remember that I am thankful for ALL you mean to me. LOVE YOU

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