Friday, 23 January 2009

A Great Day at the school assembly!

We have had a great day today!  Today was our day to take assembly at the kids school.  Every school in the UK is required to have a Religious education class.  Thankfully, the village we are in is mostly a christian community, so they were excited when we moved into town.  The last time Ronnie took the assembly he did the wordless book, and it proved a hit with both the teachers and the students.  Today, he had one of the teachers help him with showing the children that God can take away the sin in their heart and replace it with good gifts.  He used candy to represent the good gifts that God gives-needless to say, the kids took it all in!  All the teachers commented on how well he held their attention and how easy it was to understand. Breanna's teacher even said he would have us every week if he could!  Our next assembly is scheduled for May, so we are going to have to find something else that captivates the children so well.  We are thankful for the opportunity to be able to see so many children at one time. We pray that this will help us become familiar with the families in town.  We are still looking forward to the great things that God has in store for this village.  


Holly Beth said...

Wow that is so good i am glad the Lord has allowed you to do that in school I hope and pray you get alot of kids and teachers saved form this !! I love and miss you guys !!!

Dr Dave Noffsinger said...

Praise the Lord what a great outreach

Susan said...

Hey Mrs. Tennille,

I thought I'd stop by and comment. I hope that you have a good Sunday School attendance tomorrow. I'll be talking to you later...

Love in Christ,

(Sorry that's my mom's account, but she was signed in and I didn't feel like signing her out and logging me in, LOL.)