Thursday, 22 January 2009

Looking forward to this New Year

Well, I must say that I am quite enjoying this new routine.  It is definitely making for easier house cleaning.  I can get up, get the kids dressed and fed, and while Ronnie takes the kids to school, I can clean the house with NO interruptions!  It seems as if the house is clean 24/7 for a change.  
I am now 2 weeks away from cooking for 60 people!  It has been quite an interesting job to sort through, but I am still looking forward to the challenge.  I think I have settled on the menu.  I will be making chicken pot pie with broccoli and roasted potatoes for the main course and devils food chocolate cake with pouring cream for dessert.  I am still working on the actual recipe conversion for the chicken pot pie, but I am pretty sure that I will need to make three 10 by 13 cakes to make sure that I have enough for everyone.  I will post pics and info on how it goes : ).  I must take another trip out to the kitchen to check all the pan sizes.  This is all new to me.
The children are all doing well.  Ian seems to be doing well at school, however we did have a bit of a scare on his first full day.  When he returned home, it appeared that he hadn't eaten a thing ALL day.  When I asked him about it, he started crying and we couldn't seem to understand what had happened.  The teachers here seem to expect us to know ALL the rules without being told what they are.  I sent a packed lunch, but because we didn't put it into the proper box, he wasn't allowed to have it for lunch.  The teacher's just assumed he was to have a cooked dinner, so they sent him to the school canteen for lunch.  I was upset because I thought no one was keeping an eye on him at lunch and he was upset because he thought he was in trouble for not eating what I sent.  What an emotional roller-coaster!  We finally got it sorted and the teachers are trying to inform us of all the rules we didn't know about.
Breanna has started going to the local St. John's Ambulance class.  It is the same as attending a Red Cross First Aid class.  We look forward to seeing what she can learn from it.  Once she is qualified she could be a part of the group when they volunteer to work at local county fairs for first aid care.  It sounds pretty exciting!
Iestyn is also doing great.  The school here is proving to be the best place for him as his teachers are better qualified to help sort through his learning problems.  He is receiving lots of extra help while at school and is due to have speech therapy while at school.  He still seems to be having a problem with reading, but he is being highly praised for his math ability.  Don't have a clue where he got that from : )!  We are looking forward to seem him grow even more! He has become much more comfortable with all the changes we have made lately.  He went from being home-schooled while on the road to being put into a class of 30.  How daunting it was for him.  Thankfully, he is doing great!
Ronnie and I are doing great.  It has been 10 years having children around, so this is a nice change.  We can actually have a lunch date!  It also seems as if we are spending less on groceries as well!  This could be a great help if the exchange rate changes again!  We are looking forward to what God has in store for us this year! LOL, Tennille

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Dr Dave Noffsinger said...

Sounds like things are going great for you and your family. Praise the Lord